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Gasoil Media - Information Internet portal of Russian oil and gas industry, developed by the specialists of the oil and gas industry for providers and consumers of goods and services on the Russian market of oil, oil products and gas.

Internet portal is designed in such a way that every visitor was given the opportunity to find what you need, without extra effort.

Internet portal is constantly being developed and improved, the information is updated daily.


The main mission is to provide the participants of the oil, oil and gas market with the most reliable and efficient supply information and legal support including, news of the oil and gas industry, information on events in the oil and gas industry, information on current and forecast oil and gas prices, information on changes in the legislation regulating The Russian oil market, oil and gas, information on suppliers of services and goods in the Russian market of oil, oil and gas.

Peculiar properties

Information portal consists of integrated services with extensive functionality for calculations, Analytics and search for the necessary information. So, for example, the functionality of key services allows you to track industry news, events, oil and gas industry, the price of oil and petroleum products, approved and forecasted gas prices, taking into account different schemes of gazifikatsii and regions, currency exchange rates.

Information portal also includes information and educational services, which are presented, information about the leading oil and gas media, industry articles and innovations in the oil and gas industry.


October 2016 launch of the information portal.


Gasoil Media today it is a reliable information portal that unites the interests of the Russian oil and gas market participants, the strategic goal of which is dynamic development through the introduction and provision of new services.

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